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  • I want off this nightmare carousel
    I feel like I’m screaming at an invisible barrier that transforms what I say into something else before it gets to other peoples ears. I can see them, and they can see me. I can hear their actual words but they hear a different version of what I say by the time it reaches their … Continue reading I want off this nightmare carousel
  • My punishment
    Everything is my fault and I know it so I’m not asking anyone for pity or to do anything for me. I’m not even asking for anyone to see things from my perspective. I own ALL of my shit, my blame for having gotten here and I know i will have to do all the … Continue reading My punishment
  • Lost in my own head
    I am always frustrated these days. It feels exactly like the kind of fruatration that makes you scream. Only its not always that intense and even when it is I only scream in my head… so far. Where it’s coming from, weather its productive or destructive I can’t tell. I think its both and neither. … Continue reading Lost in my own head