I hate him

The truth is I hate him. I hate how he disrespects me and takes advantage of me. I hate it when he sits in his chair and flat out ignores me speaking right beside him. I hate it when he screams at me while I cry and beg him to be kind, and plead with him to tell me what I did wrong, when really it was just him being a jerk again. I hate him because he is a small man. A small man I keep allowing to hurt me and use me and hold me back even though I KNOW exactly what he is and what I am not to him. I hate him because I keep saying never again, until the next day. I hate him because I know it will never change and I’m still too scared to leave…. I hate him.

Published by: Nuthingsay

I'm just another lost soul trying to find her way and fix her mistakes before the clock runs out. I have a journal for therapy, this is where I type the things I can't put in the paper journal.

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