I want my power back!

I always tell him to set the cameras inside the house to actually record or go back and review our… interactions… so he can see that he starts them, he perpetuates them, and my only bad is over reacting and refusing to let it go when its not going anywhere… but the reason he won’t do that is he KNOWS! He knows it will prove me right and that he is just being an ass in the first place. My REAL mistake is trying to fix that! I should just protect myself and walk away. Let him fix, or not, his own mistakes. Let the blame stay with him. Let my resentment toward him grow like it should so I can give up completely on this relationship. As long as I hold his hand and help him fix each thing he does to me, I create false hope inside myself. I need to stop that. Because he clearly knows he is making mistakes. He doesn’t want to fix them because as much as he hates me crying and having panic attacks, he hates me being clear headed and self empowered more. I dont actually NEED him financially or logistically in any way… All he has is his assholishness and the rejection rabbit hole from my childhood he keeps throwing me down…. I hate him. I have to take my power back.

Published by: Nuthingsay

I'm just another lost soul trying to find her way and fix her mistakes before the clock runs out. I have a journal for therapy, this is where I type the things I can't put in the paper journal.

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