No-Win Relationship

I get up every morning and every morning I have done something wrong before I’ve even finished my coffee! Spoke wrong, looked wrong, didn’t answer fast enough or the right way, said the wrong thing, spoke at all… I don’t even know what I’ve done for sure most of the time. I still don’t.

I ask him why he’s upset but he won’t tell me just screams, stomps, refuses to answer my questions that are aimed at figuring out what the original transgression was. He’ll even point fingers at me with accusations that make absolutely NO sense but he WILL NOT tell me what ever it was I supposedly did in the first place. I dont know if he thinks I know or what but all I want in these situations is to find out what set him off so I can adjust my behavior, compromise, work on it, be a good partner…

I can’t do that if he won’t tell me what I did wrong!

I panic because he makes these encounters no win situations!

I CANNOT win in this relationship!

Published by: Nuthingsay

I'm just another lost soul trying to find her way and fix her mistakes before the clock runs out. I have a journal for therapy, this is where I type the things I can't put in the paper journal.

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