“I’m just another lost soul trying to find my way before my time is up.”

I see some people are actually reading this. Read at your own risk is all I can say. However, if anyone is actually curious about what this is all about, I am in therapy and I keep a journal but some things I cannot write there because… well… the point of therapy and the activities taken in accordance are done in the spirit of improving one’s life. To put these entries in that journal would be potentially harmful to my life.

A little background: I grew up the oldest of a narcissistic mother who due to her own abuse as a child was not able to give love to her children to put it simply.. As a result I have found myself (which has seemed to me to be inexplicably) repeatedly in relationships with extremely manipulative and controlling (frequently abusive) people. I have had only one way to cope, run, until recently. I’m not running anymore. I began therapy again about a year ago. This time in earnest, with only one goal: to be happy. And a basic plan: to be honest this time. No matter how painful it is. This is part of my journey.